Thursday, July 24, 2008

Samantha 2 Months

About 7/22/08
I can hardly believe Samantha (I almost typed Amber) is 2 months old. It has gone by so fast and yet so slow, if that is possible.

I took her to the Dr. for her check up, she seemed to be doing great. She is now 13# 2.5 oz and 23 inches long. Just to give you an idea... Amber at this age was 11# and 21.5 inches, Emily was 16# 9 oz and 23.5 inches. It looks like Samantha is growing great... I am thinking that she may catch up to Amber pretty quick.

The dr. did notice a heart murmur, which he said sounded like a hole in her heart due to the tone of it. He recommended going to see a Ped. Cardio dr. to have them look at it more. We won't go until the 8th of Aug. I guess it is one of those things you say, oh no big deal, it is common... I am sure it isn't anything to worry about, but yet I keep thinking about it and hope it isn't serious.

Samantha loves to smiles and she coos and bubbles a lot. She is pretty strong in her legs, when I put her down for "tummy time" she straightens out her legs, and sticks her bum in the air and pushes her upper body forward, mostly on her forehead.

Lauren continues to "mommy" Samantha. She is always caught holding her and picking her up and carrying her when Samantha is crying. For the most part though, Samantha is a really good baby! She has been sleeping for most of the night, she will usually get up at about 6 am in the morning. Once in a while it is 7 am and once in a while it is 3 am. After she eats in the early morning, she typically goes right back to sleep. I think she will continue to do better and better at nights. During the days she is eating about every 4 hours.

Yesterday was a busy day! Samantha got 4 shots at her dr. appointment so she was pretty sad, Lindsey had a CT Scan at the hospital for her clavicle. Amber had been at the neighbors earlier in the morning (they baby sat while I took Samantha to the Dr.) and Amber just seemed tired. We were headed up to the hospital and I was dropping off the girls at Karla's for her to watch them while I took Lindsey to her appointment. I figured I would take Samantha since she was so sad and then of course Lindsey too. We got off the freeway and not long after that Amber threw up in the car. She turned her head and threw up on Samantha too. The older girls were freaking out, "Yuck, Amber just threw up! OH Gross, it stinks in here... Yuck, I can see the cheese Amber ate..." and they just went on and on. I wasn't to a place I could really pull over, I was on a busy highway, so the next place I could get off I got off and pulled into a parking lot and started to clean everything off as good as possible with baby wipes. Luckily Samantha had a blanket over her so most of the throw up was just on that blanket and the side of her car seat and her hand. It was much easier than I was anticipating. I had to call Karla and the hospital and tell them I wasn't coming...

Poor Amber has just been awful since. She is just crying and sad and REALLY tired. She just lays around. She threw up again last night. When we first got back from the attempt to the hospital Amber went to bed at 2 pm and I went in there at 6 pm to get her up. She was awake but just laying there. Last night in the middle of the night she was calling out for some water. Sweet little Lauren was sleeping in her room and got up with her and gave her a giant cup of water that was on the dresser in her room. I saw it just as I went in there, and quickly took it away from Amber. Amber cried then and wanted more. I was telling Robert that with the heat, she is going to get dehydrated really fast. Today she has seemed to be keeping small amounts of water down. She is angry though because she wants MILK.

Well, I better go... poor little Amber is in need of some loving and maybe another pedialite popscicle. I just wanted to send an update of little Samantha...

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Julie said...

Hope things are getting better. Sounds like you had a crazy day. You need to take a long hot bath for a few hours. Sounds like you have some good helpers tho. Are you coming to the party on Sat? I hope so. You guys have to come. Haley will babysit.