Thursday, March 2, 2006

Hair cuts for everyone

Sent: Thursday, March 02, 2006 8:22 PM

Hey there,

I had to send pictures of the girls and their hair cuts. It started a few days ago when I was brushing Emily's hair and I told her she needed a trim to help get those tangles out of the ends of her hair. So she kept on me about when I was going to cut her hair. I told her we would do it Wednesday so she wrote all these sticky notes all over her room saying "cut Ems hair on wednday" and "Em needs a noo hair cut" and "Em needs a hair cut". It was pretty funny when I went to check on her before I went to bed, she had all these post it notes stuck to her door and her bed and her dresser and some I didn't even see till the next day.

So... I forgot to do it on Wednesday, and then today the little girls (Lindsey and Lauren) had a bath. I was combing their awfully tangled hair today and suggested that I perhaps cut their hair or if we cut it then it might be easier to brush. Lauren was all for it, so I cut her hair. Then of course Lindsey wanted her hair cut right away too. It was very cute, and I was a little disappointed, I thought their hair would be much curlier once cut.... like it was when they were younger. Oh well!!

We picked Emily up from school, and she was loving their hair and decided to get her hair cut like her friend Hayley. I think I was having more problems then Emily over getting rid of all that LONG hair. But since we did it, I have really liked her new cut and she likes it tons, so what could be better. I did forget how wet hair shrinks up when dry, so it turned out a bit shorter than I was imagining, but Emily didn't complain one bit.

Amanda of course was having a fit that Emily would cut her hair... but I figure if Emily wants it cut, then cut it. Just like we left it when she wanted it long. Maybe it will be easier or maybe just quicker to brush.

Just wanted to share our eventful day. Hair cut day I guess. Now I need a hair cut. I almost had enough confidence after cutting the girls hair, but I chickened out. Maybe I better let someone else do that!!

Hope all is well with each of you...

See ya soon (hopefully)

Karla and family

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