Friday, September 10, 2010

Amber says...

I think Amber is crazy enough and then she does something else...  She was all in this costume, outfit,...whatever you would call it and saying she was a dragon fighter.  She was acting more like a dragon herself, trying to bite us and growling at Robert as he took her picture.  Who knows where she comes up stuff? 
Umm, er, uhhh, I might know where she comes up with some stuff. 
Today we got ice cream cones from Artic Circle (gotta love those sixty cent cones) and after Amber was finished she said, "awww, that was the delicious-est ice cream I have ever tasted!" then she looked down at her dress, "Apparently I made a mess of my dress!"

When she said that last phrase, I could hear myself in her tone of voice and even the way she paused in certain places.  It was pretty funny!  Apparently (a word maybe I over use) she made a mess of her dress, and she was right, she did make a mess of her dress. 

I was trying to ask her again what she said to get it correct, about her ice cream. She gave me a little lesson in her vocab I. "Delicious also means yummy, it means the same word, it means it was so good to eat, you know... DELICIOUS?"

I so love this little girl! She keeps me smiling... most the time!  I would have 6 more if they could be just like her and Sam and stay at 2 and 3 yrs old!  I love being their mom!  Its times like this that erase that huge fit she threw at the grocery store because she didn't get a sucker.  How can I freeze her at this age?  I guess lots of blogging, journaling, and pictures will have to do.


The Gubler Family said...

I have been feeling the same way about my little Katie. They grow so fast. I look at her every day and think how I wish I could keep her like this forever.

The Jones :) said...

She is SO silly...I wonder where she gets it ;) I love her outfit and her imagination!! I love that you capture the outfits and things she says!! She's such a cute girl...and has always been silly since she could move/talk!! You've got great kids Karla!!