Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Lindsey and Lauren hair cuts

Sent: Wednesday, January 10, 2007 12:42 PM

This morning, the girls had baths, and then we brushed hair which is always a hard thing. Their hair is so long, middle of back and curly and thick too. Lauren REALLY hates her hair being brushed.

Lindsey had a little dog that had a string on it and she wanted to cut the string. I told her where the scissors were, then she came back up to me and told me she almost cut her hair. I asked if she was meaning to or if it was an accident. She told me she wanted it cut.

I really hate having their hair cut, because it looks so cute long and in braids and what not... but I kind of figure if they want it cut, they are old enough to make that decision. So Lindsey went first and then of course Lauren wanted her hair cut just like Lindsey's. Which I don't really cut hair.... I do but not really all that good. (I cut Robert's hair, he says cut it like you did last time... I tell him I always cut it the same or so I think and it always comes out differently.) My deal is you get what you pay for.....

The girls hair turned out really cute I thought. They love it and think they look like the neighbor girl who they just adore. Emily will probably want a hair cut when she gets home now too.

I better get going. Amber is crying, Lauren and Lindsey are fighting.... just wanted to give you the girls new look!

Love and miss you!!!

Karla and family

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