Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tongue Twisters

We are driving in the car... the girls are talking back and forth... This is what I hear:

Emily: Girls are Good and Boys are Bad, because girls start with G and boys start with B. Good girls, bad boys.
Lindsey: Good girls, good girls, good girls.... it's like a tongue twister.
Emily: Good girls get gum... good girls get green gooey gum... good girls get green gooey gum.. (Lindsey repeats what Emily says)
Emily: Bad boys blow bubbles....
Lindsey: Bad boys bump bums.... big bad boys bounce balls...
Lauren: I have a tongue twister too... Princess don't have penises!
Me: WHAT? What did you say?
Lauren: (repeats herself again)
Me: No that would be a Prince and not a princess.
Lindsey: That isn't really a tongue twister is it, it doesn't have enough P's.


wendy said...

THAT is hilARious!

Oh, and I'm so excited for you that the girls get to go with you!

We still need to get together. Let's chat later!

Jamie said...

sounds like so many conversations at my house!!!!!